CMS Website

What is Content Management System (CMS)?

To remain at the forefront- both in the eyes of your prospects and in the eyes of search engines, you will need to keep your website updated with live content. CMS puts you in charge of your content, so that you can add, update or delete the posts easily, without the technical mumbo jumbo of HTML, website design etc. You can add pictures, up load videos and more within the blink of the eye.

Connect With Your Clients in REAL TIME

No more paying hefty fees to your IT expert. Get in touch with your clients in real time to promote your offers. CMS not only saves time, it saves your money too!

Why You Must Have a Content Management System?

  • Gain 100% control
    No more relying on the whims and fancies of your IT expert. Update your website as many times as you want, as and when you want. If you want to split test your landing page, you have the reins.
  • Keep Your Site Live
    Search engines favor sites that are current and frequently updated. With CMS, you can update your website and boost your page rank. Traffic and revenue will follow. Design and store database to your heart’s content. With CMS, there no limit!
  • Broaden your horizons with CMS Management Panel
    Add new products, develop new line and earn more with easy to use CMS management Panel. Developing business gets all the more easy!
  • Update your website in Real Time
    Keep your clients with the latest in your industry. Be the first one to tell them what’s happening in your niche with the CMS. With this, you’d be positioning your brand image as an expert and gain trust from your clients and prospects. Simply put, CMS is putting the right foot forward in creating a brand image.
  • CMS is 100% flexible
    Whether you want to change the design or just the content, or both, with CMS you can do it the way you want!
  • Save on Maintenance Charges
    CMS helps you save maintenance charges and let you edit and update the content easily. You are no longer at the mercy of IT professionals
  • No Technical Skills Needed
    Anyone can handle CMS. It’s simple to use and easy to implement. With our CMS package, you’ll be the master in true spirits. Get 100% control and save on the maintenance fees.

Features of CMS are

  • Add, update or delete text, images and links in quickly
  • Be in complete control of the website through CMS configuration
  • Manage your Meta data to boost your page rank
  • Automatic site map
  • Advanced features to edit HTML files
  • Backup
  • Database driven solutions
  • 100% editable website
  • Add and manage different sections of your website easily
  • Customized Website Design according to your tastes and preferences
  • Know the efficacy of your design and pages instantly through forums and polls.
  • Easy implementation of content, images and videos
  • Create separate user ids based on their work roles- such as admin, contributor, author
  • Get instantly notified about any website changes through notification alert system
  • Be in complete control. Edit the document versions easily.
  • Store the files and documents centrally in the CMS Archive

Our CMS is equipped with a fantastic edit features which lets you have hassle free formatting of all your content. In addition to the basic features, you’ll have several advanced tools would make website management a pleasure for you.

Advanced CMS Features

Order Management: Prioritize the content and objects according to your requirements. (special promotional offer, news, and so on)

  • Newsflash generator
  • Submission module to take care of articles, links etc from remote authors
  • Store all the images online in a central place
  • Path-finder – Plug the links after importing the image through CMS
  • RSS feed manager
  • Print formats including “Email a friend option”
  • Built-In Text editor
  • Tailor made solutions for surveys, polls
  • Downloadable Custom page module
  • Template Management for instant download and quick implementation
  • Advanced banner management – Get noticed and boost profits .

What we do…

Our staff will review your business, industry, competition, and more to deliver a top notch website that exceeds your expectations and gives you an edge over your competition.

We provide

  • State of the art editing tools for easy editing.
  • Content creation
  • Tools that allow multi level editing.
  • Ease in managing media files
  • Automated retrieving of published document
  • Allocation of user’s rights according to their roles

Why CMS?

A Content Management System is absolutely essential if you own a website that needs constant updates. If you have multi page website, a CMS is a blessing for you. A CMS saves cost and helps in better management of your content, and puts you in complete control. If you don’t have it yet, it’s about time to get started!