Our Process

Our Process consists of Six Phases of Web Development. We work directly with you, step by step through the entire process managing your website project, to guarantee your satisfaction. Before we build anything, we put together a Composition (mockup) to illustrate what your website could possibly look like, so you see everything ahead of time. You approve each step of the way!

Six Phases of GLF Development

Planning & Website Composition (Mockup) Design Phase

This phase consists of planning out your web design project and reviewing your order with your Project Manager. The review takes into account your Competitors websites, Samples & Colors given to us, as well as Your Logo, and content provided. We work with you directly to mold your vision into reality. Once we have collected sufficient information about the project, we begin designing a Composition (mockup) illustration of how your website may look.

Composition (Mockup) of Site started based on the Design Discussion and Examples sent to Project Manager.

This phase is complete once YOU have approved the Composition (mockup) image sent. In the rare/unlikely event you do not like the first Design Mockup we sent, that is ok! We keep designing until Approval. Unlimited Revisions on the initial Mockup, so you’re guaranteed satisfaction!

HTML Creation Phase

This phase consists of transforming a Composition (Mockup) design into usable web technology files. This includes converting the graphical documents to valid HTML5 and CSS3 code. When creating HTML files, the web design is separated in pieces, and then reassembled onto the web.

Consists of creating the HTML Files to be deployed onto the Web Server.

This Phase is complete when html files/images are ready to be uploaded onto the Server for Building.

Web Design / Web Development (Building) Phase

This phase consists of building out your Website Pages & Starting any Custom Programming required. Web Development consists of writing lines of code and programming your backend databases; creating custom forms, building custom software application, and more!

Design & Development starts of the actual Website. Graphic Design, Copy implementation and/or Creation, and any Custom Programming that needs to be completed.

This Phase is complete when all Web Design/Programming are completed and approved.

Review & Bug Testing Phase

This phase consists of reviewing over the entire website, assessing any broken links, and testing the websites custom programming. All bugs are reviewed and repaired. We conduct a thorough testing of all Pages & Forms and make necessary changes as needed. In this phase, we complete any additional order requests, and complete any On Page optimization to the website, like Title tags and Meta Tags for Search Engine Optimization.

This Phase is complete when all Testing, On-Page Optimization, and Revisions & Bug Testing are completed. Once completed, and upon YOUR approval. Your website will be launched and setup on the World Wide Web.

Launch & Completed Phase

This phase consists of uploading & installing your website to the Web Server. We copy all your website files to the Server, and setup everything necessary for your website to be on the Internet. We configure your Domain Name and Setup your E-mail Accounts.

This Phase is complete when all Testing, On-Page Optimization, and Revisions & Bug Testing are completed. Once completed, and upon YOUR approval. Your website will be launched and setup on the World Wide Web.

Website Management

We recommend after the Launch of your website that you hire us for Ongoing Website Management. A website without a manager will not yield the most optimal results. Our dedicated team is here to assist you with your Custom Programming needs, Backend Support & Management, and more! We offer a variety of services to help your website succeed to the next level. Whether it’s updating the website with content, or building new interfaces to streamline your organization. We do it all! Our website management takes care of all your website needs and allows your website to expand and keep growing your online reputation!

Our website management involves us managing Your entire online website presence, by allowing us to add new pages to the website, performing website maintenance, programming, search engine optimization, while also running your Adwords & Facebook Marketing campaigns.