Website Maintenance

Do you have new products to add to your online store? Need some price changes on existing products? Do you want to add some additional pages, pictures, or videos? Or, perhaps you need to advertise your latest promotion or holiday special. Well, with Website Maintenance you just tell us and we do it for you. It’s really that simple! That’s what website maintenance is all about; freeing you up to run your business, while we take care of the rest!

Website Updates

As you grow your business, you will likely have additional items you want to add to your website or perhaps, design changes to keep your website looking sharp and up-to-date. Updating a website frequently can be time consuming and a hassle. Let us take care taking out the old content and putting up the new.

Cost Effective Solution for a Growing Business

Hiring a web designer by the hour for every little change or addition you may require can get extremely pricey. Why do that? Keep your website performing at its very best and forget about the rest with a Get Leads Fast Website Maintenance.

Hacker Protection

With the rapid speed of new technology developments today, websites can become outdated fairly quickly. An outdated website can open a website owner up to the risk of cyber-crimes like hacking, security breaches, website defacements, loss of business trade secrets and database destruction; not to mention the loss of your customer’s faith and business. Don’t let this happen, keep your website software performing at top level!
We provide our clients with around the clock website security to ensure that this does not happen.

Security Updates & System Upgrades

Website maintenance not only takes care of the changes you can see, but it also covers those necessary changes to the backend, the part you don’t see.
Our team takes care of the all security updates, plugin updates, module upgrades and latest software installations for the website so you don’t have to. Website maintenance provides you peace of mind in knowing that your website will remain powerful, fast and effective no matter what.

Personal US Based Customer Support

We provide our clients with US-based customer service; not robot or an answering machine that seems to lose your voicemail… You will speak with a real, live person every time you call. We don’t outsource our client support. Get Leads Fast customer service is one of the things that makes us so unique from other web design companies. We provide high-level support for our customers simply because we can.

Maintenance Includes

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Easy Change Request Process
  • Security Patches, Updates & System Upgrades
  • Hacker Protection Implementations
  • Website Content Changes
  • Image and Video Changes
  • News Updates
  • Personal One-on-One US Customer Support
  • Website Traffic Monitoring
  • Analytics Monitoring
  • Monthly Website Reports
  • Website Hosting
  • Daily Website Backups